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Buy-to-Let Mortgages

The BTL mortgage market has changed significantly due to changes the UK government has brought in during recent years and we advise you on getting the best offer in the market for your BTL property.



The impacts of taxation on the net profitability of Buy-to-Let properties has meant lenders across the marketplace have changed their affordability calculations substantially.

In addition stress testing requirements have changed, and Buy-to-Let mortgage affordability is much more complex and varied than it used to be.

Our Expertise

We know the BTL market and continually monitor lenders’ interest rates and their affordability criteria.

We also know the lenders who look at leverage on a holistic basis and who can factor in other sources of income outside of the property itself in order to achieve a higher loan amount in addition to knowing those lenders who are not required to adhere to the PRA’s rules.

Image by Matthew Hamilton

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