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Mountview Capital arranges finance across a range of renewable energy projects, climate change focused businesses, and industrial decarbonasation projects.

We assist developers with the structuring and funding of new renewable energy projects. We cover the whole range of renewable energies.

We also can arrange equity financing for new commercialisations of technologies in climate change focused businesses and industrial decarbonisation proejcts.

We arrange funding across the whole capital stack for construction. We can also arrange term debt once the business is stabalised.


Funding for Renewable Energy Projects

Our team has a combined total of 169 years working in the finance industry. This means we can offer expert advice on renewable energy funding structures and our aim is to achieve a high-quality deal which will suit our client’s requirements. Our expertise is essential for making a client’s renewable energy project desirable. We know that it takes a deep understanding of funding criteria, both in terms of risk allocation and formal processes, to structure projects in such a way that they are suited to attract debt providers. This is why we offer a fully comprehensive service when it comes to waste to energy funding structures. Our debt advisory firm also has a thorough understanding of funding structure for renewable energy private equity funds and other markets including real estate. 

Project Merits

The renewable energy sector is of course diverse and encompasses wind, solar, wave, biomass, and Energy From Waste. Proving the merits of the particular chosen technology for its location and the experience of the management team, are key to progressing waste to energy funding. Our experience structuring and concluding complex deals within the renewable energy market ensures project bankability. Since our firm specialises in only a few markets, this also means that we are able to provide an outstanding service and deliver the results our clients’ desire. They can relax in the knowledge that our debt advisory firm is one of the leading firms when it comes to energy structured finance and funding for renewable energy projects within the UK.   


Project Evaluation

While we are based in London we will work alongside developers and promoters throughout the UK to understand fully their business and plans. We review their business case in real depth in order to assess how best to progress and we also carry out Due Diligence to support their business case. Often this will bring out challenges and difficult questions to answer. We strongly feel all of these are integral to evaluating the opportunity and building a sound business which can be taken forward to funders such as renewable energy private equity funds and other market specific lenders with confidence.  Our clients benefit from having an experienced adviser advising on how to structure the capital stack. Mountview Capital will then identify suitable sources of renewable energy funding in the UK and handle negotiations to take the deal forward and will then work alongside the project team in managing the process through to drawdown of the funding.

Sourcing Funding

Mountview Capital will identify suitable sources of funding and handle negotiations to take the deal forward and will then work alongside the project team in managing the process through to drawdown of the funding.

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If you’re interested in working alongside our UK based debt advisory firm and need assistance with energy structured finance, then contact us today on 020 7379 0472 or email

Our Areas of Expertise in Renewable Energy

Mountview Capital has specialists who have a key focus and expertise in each of following areas.

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Solar Energy


Wind Energy


Geothermal Energy






Hydrogen Energy


Wave Energy


Hydroelectric power

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Battery Storage


Anaerobic Digestion


Tidal Energy

Equity & Joint Ventures

Access to equity and our ability to structure attractive deals for both parties are key differentiators of our firm.

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We work with a number of equity funding providers, ranging from specialist funds, UHNWI and family offices in order to secure equity funding for developers.

As a firm we have longstanding relationships with various individuals whom we used to work with in our previous banking roles.

Deal Structure

Getting the right level of debt and the right pricing is the foundation for making equity returns sufficiently attractive. Following that structuring piece we can then focus on equity funding and whom are most suited to the asset class and location.

Once we have headline interest from an equity funder, we spend time on working through and agreeing the details around the payment waterfall and each party’s rights and interests, as this is commonly where equity deals can fall down.

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Get in touch today for more information on equity and joint venture advisory.

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